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Club Shadowlands (Masters of the Shadowlands, #1)

Club Shadowlands is not exactly what I expected. However, after I have finished reading, I am convinced the author’s inspiration was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. There is nothing that anyone can say to dissuade me.

Jessica is an uptight accountant. She has car trouble during a storm and is stranded in the rain.

 photo tumblr_mr9ip1DubG1rcpeemo8_250_zpsa01372fc.gif

She then comes upon an old house.

 photo tumblr_mr9ip1DubG1rcpeemo1_250_zpsafea80fc.gif

When she knocks on the door a slightly creepy and somewhat physically odd man opens the door. (Riff Raff anyone?)

 photo tumblr_moph6nfUZy1raq5ogo3_400_zps18d73a74.gif

She is allowed inside to take shelter from the storm. This is where she meets Master Z. Master Z is can read people’s emotions and thus knows exactly what a woman wants. He is very much the alpha male. However, he is not a scary screamer, a controller, or a manipulator. He respects women and is quite yummy.

Master Z calls Jessica on her stuffiness and issues a challenge to step into the sex club. Once she does, she is immediately shocked.

 photo tumblr_mmpwjq46cp1squs85o4_400_zps5a9bc8d2.gif

She isn’t quite used to the scene before her.  People are dancing very suggestively

 photo jnXvLOH-Imgur_zps9b17cf09.gif

and there are rooms where “scenes” are being played out.

 photo tumblr_mjs0mmW72H1rfjrdao1_500_zps499c7822.gif

Jessica tries to understand what is going on. She convinces herself that her curiosity is nothing but desire for new experiences and learning.

I won’t give away anymore of the details except to say by the end of the book Jessica is a little less frumpy accountant and a little more…well…..

 photo tumblr_ms3e7ba2ym1so20l7o3_500_zpsd74fefa2.jpg

This book is simply a fun little book of smut, a juicy little lemon cart. There is no real plot, other than a woman trying out something new and finding a part of herself. There is no real angst, no psycho ex-boyfriends, or death threats. It is a fun read if you don’t take it too seriously. So my suggestion is get comfy, read, and don’t forget to do the Time Warp.


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November 5, 2013 · 2:17 am

Hard to Handle is a sweet romance that you will love.  The writing is very intelligent.  It is one of the few romance novels I have read that does not go into graphic detail.  There is little to no umm….questionable language.  Now, don’t get me wrong I love a foul mouth vixen just as much as the next girl and there is always something to be said for a man that talks dirty in the bedroom.  But this novel is great without it.

Sadie is a tough woman.  She is career driven and doesn’t really want a relationship after her fiancee cheated on her with her very own sister.  Enter Aiden Downey.  He is nursing a broken heart due to a failed marriage and ill parent.

There is a lot of waffling on Sadie’s part.  She can’t make up her mind if she can trust Aiden or not.  Which gets a little annoying but it is done beautifully.  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

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November 5, 2013 · 2:10 am