A Misery Loves Company Book

Solace in Scandal

Elena Bardot’s father has been running a Ponzi scheme that came crashing down. As a result, Elena Bardot has been run out of town by the press and is in hiding. With no place else to go, Elena retreats to a secluded home to finish her dissertation for her Ph.D. This home just happens to be owned by the family of one of her father’s co-conspirators. Enter Alex Wolfe.

Alex Wolfe is recently released from prison, having been convicted of insider trading. He is seeking a quite life at home in order to regroup from the scandal that ruined his family name. Alex is determined to salvage what is left of his family’s businesses and reclaim in rightful place.

At first sight Alex knows who Elena is immediately. Although he is angered by her presence he agrees to let her stay to finish her work. The two share an immediate and undeniable connection. Just too bad that connection doesn’t include trusting each other.

I liked the premise of the book. A sort of misery loves company coupling between two consenting adults. I also liked how we see both points of view in the story. The story progressed nicely. There was no immediate love at first sight. Lust at first sight yes, but no wedding bells were ringing. I was very pleased with the character development. Each had their own misgivings but, through the progression of their relationship, worked through them. I recommend this book and give it four stars. Happy reading smut puppies.


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