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Latest Blood Hunters Novel


When I was asked to review the the newest installment in the Blood Hunters series I was thrilled!!!  The Blood Hunters Series consists of, now, five books each focusing on various characters while contributing to an overall story.  Each novel comes to a definite ending, however you really need to read the previous books to understand each one.  It just so happens that Marie Treanor is selling her first book in this delightful series for a mere .99……So get hoppin people!!!

Marie Treanor’s writing grabbed me and didn’t let me go.  I found myself drawn in immediately and didn’t want to put down the book.  The writing flows nicely and allows the reader to really absorb the story.  I tried the first book in the series on a lark and was very happy I did. 

One of the main differences in this book, when compared to the previous novels, is that it starts in America and moves to Budapest.  With this we get a nice introduction to Cyn and her merry band of mercenary hunters. 

In New York, a vampire serial killer is on the loose.  Cyn and her fellow mercenaries are trying to find the killer before anyone else dies.  Cyn, the leader of this group of mercenaries, is a tough, self-sufficient woman.  She is no damsel in distress and I simply love that about her.  In her search for the renegade vampire, she comes across Bela. 

Ahh Bela.  You love to hate him.  Bela makes no excuse for what he is, a vampire with a hell of a sex drive.  The phrase, loveable rake comes to mind when thinking of Bela.  He is loyal to a few and kills without a qualm.  Having recently decided to tour the world with a band of musicians, Bela is in New York when the killings begin.  Coincidence?  Cyn doesn’t seem to think so.  While under suspicion of murder, Bela begins his pursuit of Cyn.  What a pursuit it is.  Bela makes some less than savory decisions which shines a light on his less than scrupulous character.  At one point I really wanted Cyn to introduce him to a sharp, pointy stake.  But Bela does have some redeemable qualities, although no one would ever accuse him of being a saint.   

I don’t want to give away too much because there are some twists and turns in this book.  But I will say what I love the most about Marie Treanor’s heroines is that they are not the wilting flower found in most paranormal romance novels.  There are so many paranormal romances where the woman is weak, suffering from some childhood trauma, and needs her knight in shinning armor.  That ain’t happening here.  These heroines are fighters and equals to the alpha males that pursue them. I will always be partial to Mihaela but, Cyn is certainly running a close second. 

I highly recommend this new installment and, if you haven’t read Treanor’s work before, hope you guys give this series a try. For 99 cents you can’t go wrong!  Happy reading!!!!!



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