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MMA Fighting + Angst = In Your Corner by Sarah Castille

In Your Corner (Redemption, #2)

With the second installment in the Redemption series, Sarah Castille doesn’t disappoint.  While I highly recommend you read the first book in this series before beginning this one, it is not absolutely necessary.  You should be able to follow the story and put together the pieces without reading the first book in the series.  While it does bring back characters and settings seen in the first book, it is a stand-alone with a definite conclusion.  NO CLIFFHANGERS!  

This installment focuses on the relationship between Jake and Amanda. Seen breaking up in the first book, Against the Ropes, this is the story of their reunion two years later.   Jake is a MMA fighter that is torn between family obligations and his true desires.  Amanda is a strong-willed lawyer that has a very hard time with true intimacy. 
This book also highlights the societal double standard when it comes to a sexually active woman.  Amanda has been around the block and makes no qualms about her experience.  HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH!  Too many times in the romance/erotica genre we are force fed the virginal heroine that needs to be saved and educated by the strong, well-experienced alpha male.  This is not the case.  Amanda has needs and doesn’t feel ashamed by those needs. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to ask for it. 

The storyline progresses well.  Although Jake and Amanda’s one step forward two steps back relationship, does cause the story to feel a bit bogged down at times.  That being said, I feel the progression and regression of these two is needed to allow for character growth.  Amanda has to learn to deal with her fears of intimacy and Jake has to learn how to be patient with her; and this takes time.  There are no immediate fixes for these two.  Each one has to work through their own issues.

I really enjoyed Sarah Castille’s latest and would highly recommend it.  You get a definite conclusion and the HEA you hunger for.  Happy reading!!


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