A French Mystery Worth Trying


I received this ARC in exchange for a honest review.  The Stone Boy by Sophie Loubiere is definitely worth giving a try.  A best seller in France, the book weaves a delicate tale.  Madame Preau is a former headmistress.  She is also a wife, mother, and grandmother.  After moving back into her former home after being away a while, she finds things much changed.  Its what she finds upon her return that sets things into motion.   

The characters are very well developed.  Each character has their own story line that is subtly interwoven into the main plot.  However, the story focuses on Madame Preau.  You don’t know if you pity her or hate her.  

One thing that I both loved and hated was the manner in which the story was written.  The chapters are very short and wrote in a somewhat disconnected manner.  The effect is that the story does not read very smoothly.  But after reading this novel, I see why it had to be written in exactly this way.  The start and stop feeling while reading only adds to the suspense and the general feeling of unease.  The reader is left just a little off kilter while trying to make sense of the events happening.  

While I recommend giving this book a try, I must warn you, it is not a hit you over the head and take you for a ride type of book.  It is a tap you on the shoulder, introduce itself, ask you out for a cup of coffee and walk you back home at night.  It doesn’t leave you breathless or angry, but it does leave your mind wandering around in a loop.  So all in all I give this book 3 stars.  

Happy Reading!!  


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