Physical Forces by D.D. Ayres

Physical Forces (K-9 Rescue #6)

I really like this series. It has great characters…and dogs! What a great combination!!! Macayla Burkett is a pet detective. Yes, I said a pet detective. I know what you’re thinking. What exactly does she do, stalk fluffy and try to catch him with the neighbor’s cat??? She actually finds missing pets and returns them to their owners. Much better right?! Well, while on a hot case she runs into hot and sexy Oliver who works in K-9 search and rescue. Needless to say, sexy sparks fly.

The reason I like this series is it is a fun and fresh read. You won’t be pondering life’s mysteries like why good things happen to bad people or why the Kardashians won’t go away???? I mean seriously, they need to go away. Oh well, I digress. The point of this book is a great story with lovable characters. There’s plenty of action to keep the story line progressing. Not much character growth, but it’s not really needed. This book, along with the other books in the series, are fun reads perfect for that summer reading list.


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