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Physical Forces by D.D. Ayres

Physical Forces (K-9 Rescue #6)

I really like this series. It has great characters…and dogs! What a great combination!!! Macayla Burkett is a pet detective. Yes, I said a pet detective. I know what you’re thinking. What exactly does she do, stalk fluffy and try to catch him with the neighbor’s cat??? She actually finds missing pets and returns them to their owners. Much better right?! Well, while on a hot case she runs into hot and sexy Oliver who works in K-9 search and rescue. Needless to say, sexy sparks fly.

The reason I like this series is it is a fun and fresh read. You won’t be pondering life’s mysteries like why good things happen to bad people or why the Kardashians won’t go away???? I mean seriously, they need to go away. Oh well, I digress. The point of this book is a great story with lovable characters. There’s plenty of action to keep the story line progressing. Not much character growth, but it’s not really needed. This book, along with the other books in the series, are fun reads perfect for that summer reading list.

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For the First Time

For the First Time: Twenty-One Brand New Stories of First Love

Naughty Wishes is a new short story written by Sarah Castille. Now, I will be honest, normally I am not a huge fan of short stories. They can be either rushed or end some what short, for my taste. But I was very happy with Naughty Wishes. It proceeded at a believable pace and wrapped up very nicely.Kylie and Dan have been happily married for years. As with many married couples, the fires have cooled and been replaced with comfortable routines. So, for Kylie’s birthday, Dan attempts to stoke those flames once again. I won’t go into detail as to not ruin your reading experience, but it was a very steamy and lovely story.

I have begun to love anthologies. They give you the opportunity to try out other writers you may not have otherwise given a shot. My adoration for all things Sarah Castille is a given. However, in this anthology I was given an opportunity to read a new story by my favie and sample some others. I can say I was not disappointed.

I highly recommend this anthology. It is very cheaply priced, I mean it’s 99 cents for cripes sake! With the anthology containing 21 stories you have great odds of finding many stories you will enjoy. But don’t take my word for it, skip the soda from the vending machine and buy the anthology instead. After all, water is better for you anyway!

This ARC was provided by Sarah Castille in exchange for a honest review.

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